Born and raised on Long Island and introduced to photography as a young teenager.  Graduated from New York University's College of Engineering (BME), attended Fort Monmouth's US Army Signal Corps program for commissioned officers, and assigned overseas to Karlsruhe, Germany.  

Leading the 17th Signal Battalion thru East Germany into Berlin when the wall went up in 1961, and providing communications throughout Germany and France for US Army Europe from 1959-62, I explored Europe at leisure.

Returning from overseas, my world of engineering in design, sales and corporate management was primarily devoted to
high-tech medical products, diagnostic imaging technologies, and design-build hospital and medical imaging center facilities...
retiring from Siemens Medical Systems in 1993.

Exploring the art of color photography, I studied with Robin Perry in Connecticut and John Doscher in Vermont, and with the advent of digital imaging technology many years later, further examined the aesthetic of natural light photography with the creative mastery of Vincent Versace in New York.  

Thereafter, it was simply a matter of time that the traditional darkroom would become a memory of the past... replaced with state-of-the-art computers, digital photo editing software, and refined printers and printing technology.

Searching beyond for the image within...

The search for the unusual is an adventure of exploration and discovery, exploring remote lands, foreign cultures, and
magnificent destinations as I expand upon a vision that continues to evolve.  Searching beyond for the image within and
extending the creative boundaries of photography has revealed graphic, imaginative and unexpected visual perspectives. Ultimately however, it's the art of seeing and the challenge of expression that inspires the art of the image.

Somewhere between realism and abstraction, it's suggested that there's more to the world around us than we might initially
observe... and to look and imagine and not just see.
Although not everything is beautiful, everything has its beauty... but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

Travel companions on the journey of life...

Paula has been my travel partner since 1957.  With her extensive knowledge and expertise as a professional educator and travel consultant for many years, we have traveled together to more than 100 countries.

As we continue our worldwide adventure seeking new destinations and its photography, and revisiting others, the preference for people, places and things that are different most clearly defines our shared travel interest... beyond the ordinary, and hopefully exceeding expectations.

On a personal note... I am indeed most fortunate and extremely proud having the support of an awe-inspiring, smart and very capable energetic wife, and knowing that I'm sharing my life with the greatest friend a person could ever have.  Thanks to Paula's inspiration and guidance, it's been an incredible journey... one that I simply could not have accomplished without her.